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Complete Projects.
We can take your project from conception to completion, from database design to published reports.
We can also take part of a project and develop it for later integration.

We have many years of experience in both business management and software development. We learn about your problems and objectives, then create software to help you solve those problems and achieve your objectives.

We have acquired a great deal of expertise developing for many different databases including Oracle, Firebird, Interbase, and Microsoft SQLServer. We are equally at home creating complex PL/SQL packages to drive Oracle servers, or building intuitive thin clients that help your staff access information with maximum productivity and minimum stress.

Web Sites.
We can design and develop your data driven web site, using a choice of several different presentation technologies including Java and jsp(Java server pages). The information would be retrieved from an appropriate database.

Languages and Tools.
We have years of experience across multiple programming languages including Java, Pascal, Delphi, XML, SQL and PL/SQL.

We have experience in many fields including

We can assist you by evaluating projects or sub-projects that are experiencing problems. We will offer suggestions to solve those problems and, optionally, implement them.

We have successfully completed projects from coast to coast of the USA. We are equipped to work remotely as necessary using high speed links to client sites.

*When working on Web projects we work closely with a company called SonicSpider. They offer a skill set that compliments our own including Web Hosting, Graphic Design and Domain Management services.

Contact us at: clivew@clivewalden.com Phone(USA): 760-632-5856

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