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In the course of my work I find myself writing small utilities to assist me or fulfill a function that other software does not perform quite as I prefer.
Most of this software is not complete enough to offer to others. However, I thought that with a little extra work on my part, I could provide utilities that others might find useful.

Safe Transporting

A stand alone executable to encrypt, decrypt and shred files.

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There are a lot of encryption and decryption tools out there; but most seem to assume that you will be doing the encryption/decryption on your own machine and install themselves on a machine.

As a consultant, I find that I want to carry information encrypted on my portable storage and be able to decrypt it wherever I happen to end up and, perhaps encrypt additional files before leaving that I have added to my portable storage.

This executable installs as a single file with no registry entries or configuration requirements.
Once installed, the executable can be copied to a USB stick or portable drive and can be run from there without any other requirements. In fact, the only purpose of the install is to make sure you accept the license and copyright agreement before use.

You are free to make as many copies of the executable as you like and, while there is no fee for using it, I am certainly happy to receive any donation you may care to send me via PayPal if you find the software useful.

However, I do ask that you only give it to others in the form of the install file.

MP3 Play Lists

A very simple program to create MP3 play lists by dragging and dropping mp3 files onto the application. I found this useful for creating quick and easy play lists for my Garmin GPS when going on a journey.

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